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Asano Bunko Zou Shokoku Kojonozu(Asano Collection of Old Castle Drawings)

Asano Bunko Zou Shokoku Kojonozu (edited by Kazuhiko Yamori, Shin-Jinbutsu Oraisha, 1981)
This collection of old area maps was donated by the Asano family, former lords of the Hiroshima fiefdom (1619 to 1867). Maps of castles in 177 feudal domains ranging from the Tohoku region to Kyushu have survived in the collection. These domains disintegrated prior to the Edo Period (17th century). Besides these maps, the Asano family also donated maps of 154 castles that remained standing during the same (Edo) period. This collection has been published under the title Asano Bunko Zou Shokoku Tojonozu (Asano Collection of Contemporary Castle Drawings) (edited by Tomohiko Harada and Kazuhiko Yamori, Shin Jinbutu Orai-sha, 1982). The original materials for both publications remain in the collection of the Hiroshima City Central Library.