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You may search the datebase for all 11 libraries and reading room in the Hiroshima City Library system,but books in the Tomohatogo Mobile Library system and books loaned to community centers will not appear in the database.

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Multicultural Materials (Chinese,Korean,Portuguese)

In the Hiroshima City Central Library, We have the Multicultural Services Corner at the Free Reading Room B on the second floor. In that corner, you can find many materials written in Chinese and Korean languages. We have some how-to books for daily life and some popular novels such as "Red Cliff"(Chinese) and "The Commitment of the Suspect X"(Chinese,Korean) in the corner. Also we have some advertising catalogs and pamphlets of information for daily life produced by Hiroshima municipal government.

In the Aki Ward Library, we have some Portugues books in its Multicultural Services Corner. You can find many useful books for learning Japanese and for understanding Japanese daily life. We also have some materials about Brazil, Brazilian novels and picture books in the corner.

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Materials in the Multicultural Services Corner

Hiroshima City Central Library

Hiroshima City Aki Ward Library