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The Hiroshima City Manga Library, located in Hiroshima's Minami Ward, stands amidst the lush greenery of Hijiyama Hill.
Hijiyama Hill, a short distance from the city center, is 70 meters high at its peak. Hijiyama Park spans the entire area, a place where the people of Hiroshima come to spend their leisure time. With sweeping views of the city from its observation deck, Hijiyama Hill is one of the top spots to enjoy cherry blossom viewing.
Strolling through the park around the Manga Library is highly recommended.

Image of Interior
View from the exterior of the Manga Library, with a bronze statue of "The Little Piper Boy".
Image of Interior
At the window to the left you can see a display of book collections by theme, which periodically changes.
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The main entrance leading to the first floor lobby. The reading room is on the 2nd floor. Enter towards the right-hand side.
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Access the 2nd floor using stairs or the elevator!
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Browse manga in the 2nd floor reading room at your leisure. Books are categorized by author or artist name using the "a-i-u-e-o" kana syllabary.
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The foreign language section has manga from Japan translated into various languages. The Hiroshima section has Hiroshima related authors and themes.
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The manga research materials section has collections aimed towards manga research and study, with books and reference materials related to manga history, culture, and drawing instruction readily available.

Get a glimpse of manga history by browsing our collection of antiquities, which comprises items such as original manuscripts and reproductions of rare valuable editions. Register at the 2nd floor reference desk to start viewing the materials in the library. Due to historical preservation, however, some items may be unavailable for direct access.

Books can even be taken outside for those who wish to enjoy reading outdoors under the trees in the surrounding park. Apply for this service at the 2nd floor reference desk.

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